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Cashing Out


Hello all! I am new to the Ibotta Saver Community and have a question. Do users get better rebate offers the longer they wait to cash out?

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Re: Cashing Out

Deal Master

No! Once you have a minimum of $20, you may use  for a gift card or use for a PayPal account..  

Re: Cashing Out

Shopping Enthusiast

I do not think so, but occasionally there are bonus offers to cash out to a particular gift card.

Re: Cashing Out

Deal Master


Are you talking about bonus offers for cashing out in a particular manner?

Or are you talking about 'better rebate offers' for individual products?

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Re: Cashing Out

Deal Sharer

There was someone of Facebook who cashes out at every $1000, not before. Honestly, that's a lot of money hanging around in limbo, and for many of us, certainly myself, that would happen after a number of years. I usually cash out when it's $50 and over, but see alot of people cashing out at every $20. The rebates and bonuses seem to have no correlation to how much you have waiting for a cash out. 

Re: Cashing Out

Rewards Guide

I cash out to pay pal.  And roll my money into ther next offers, that way money is not coming out of my pocket

Re: Cashing Out

Rewards Guide

There is no advantage to saving up your money in Ibotta once you have reached the $20 cash out amount. While there are those that do use ibotta like a savings account and will say that they have been doing it for years without any problem, they are risking money they have earned because it isn't really theirs until they cash out.  Many people have lost money due to  lockout, deactivation, breaking the rules. It isn't worth it. Cash out to paypal or a giftcard as soon as you hit $20 and you don't have to worry about losing it.