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CELESTIAL SEASONINGS - Offer Expirer the other day, can't remember what it was 😕

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At any point over the last few days,did anyone have an offer for Celestial Seasonings either for their K-cup pods 24ct or with that item specifically being eligible for any Celestial Seasonings offer(s)?

If so, does anyone know how much it was worth ? I placed my Walmart order for delivery on Friday the 22nd & it was delivered to us Monday the 25th. I could have sworn I saw it on my Walmart Offers & had added the offer to my list buuuuuut... I never received anything for it & I know when I submit a ticket (I'm missing my WW bonus so I need to talk to them anyways today. Yaaaaay... 😶) When I submit my ticket to them they're going to ask me for a SS of the offer... Which I don't have cuz I didn't think I was not going to get credited for it 🙃


So yeah... If anyone has seen in their offers from Walmart Delivery over the last few days anything about Celestial Seasonings K-cup Pods 24ct, please let me know, I'd really appreciate it!😊🥰 I just don't even wanna bring it up when I submit my ticket if I totally misread/misunderstood whatever offer was there 😂

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Re: CELESTIAL SEASONINGS - Offer Expirer the other day, can't remember what it was 😕

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I redeemed the Celestial Seasonings tea last week from Walmart pickup and delivery. However, I didn't buy K Cups. I just bought the regular tea bags as my mom doesn't use a Keurig for tea. I bought it for her as she was almost out and needed some. The offer rebate was for 0.25 cents. Sorry I couldn't help you with the K Cups offer. If you haven't gotten credit for it and you bought it, I would open a help ticket. If you met the requirements, you should get the reward. I had the same thing happen to me last week. I selected an offer to meet a bonus, bought the item through Walmart pickup and delivery before the bonus expired. However, the next day the bonus expired and I hadn't gotten credit. I opened a help ticket that day because two offers weren't credited including the offer to complete the bonus. The help team investigated it and later awarded me the missing offer rebates and the bonus. It's worth opening a ticket and seeing what the help team says. Hope you get your bonus soon.

Re: CELESTIAL SEASONINGS - Offer Expirer the other day, can't remember what it was 😕

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I remember seeing it. I would state what specifics you recall and go from there.