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Re: Check for "Any Item" Ibotta Rebate


These ANY offers need some tweaks. Over the weekend, I bough Nestle flavored water and Tastykake pecan swirls at Walmart. When I scanned the receipt for Ibotta, the Any Brand Wet Cat Food offer showed up. I removed it from submitting but just remembered this morning when choosing the Tastykake offer again. I scanned the package UPC and it came up again! A mistake? Or maybe cats like pecan swirls. 🐱 @LaraL maybe you can look at this? I’m not sure where to report it, or if I should. Would be cool if there was a bounty for finding these errors. 😉 I tried including a picture of the package with the UPC but I keep getting an HTML error when attaching. The UPC is 025600005217. [Edit to correct the UPC]


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Re: Check for "Any Item" Ibotta Rebate

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Thank you, @Dean! I just reported this internally, hopefully it's an easy fix.