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Check your ANYs

Super Saver

I check my ANY offers daily.

I always activate ALL of my ANY offers (so it's easy to glance down the list and spot a newbie without the effort of reviewing the offer itself). 

While new "Any" offers can pop ANY day of the week, it seems that Wednesday is the day more pop up all at once. I think I got 8 new anys this morning. 

PRO TIP for New Users: From the main page in the ibotta app, enter "any" or "any receipt" into the search bar. The list that populates here includes more ANYs than if you go to the thumbnail/shortcut.
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Re: Check your ANYs

Rewards Advocate

Thanks for the tip. Hadn't figured out the cadence of these. They show up throughout the day it seems. I just got two more that weren't there this morning.

I would love to see an "any brand" ice cream offer.

Re: Check your ANYs

Super Saver

@NiqueYes, they can show up any day of the week, but lately Wednesdays do seem to be the best. Yes, I, too, had lots of new ones this morning and several more trickled in through out the day.