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Checkout with Walmart Pay Slow to Credit

Deal Sharer

When checkout with Walmart Pay started I found the credit to be nearly instantaneous. Over the last month I have noticed a significant slowdown in getting credit. A couple weeks ago it took several hours and my trip from a day ago is still not showing. The matching isn’t always great either, but the Ibotta care team has been quite responsive with that. 

i know it says to give it 48 hours, but frankly, if it’s going to take this long, I’m going back to logging receipts. Anyone else notice this or have any insight?

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Re: Checkout with Walmart Pay Slow to Credit

Shopping Enthusiast

I don't think it is a Walmart Pay issue.  I am assuming you have your Walmart account linked.  I tried linking my account with another store and found it very slow, sometimes missing rebates.  I don't link any stores with Ibotta due to this.