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Clearance at Walmart today

Super Saver

I am on vacay so I went to the Walmart there today to see if I could find any FAO that I cannot find at home. The answer was NOT one thing! 

I went looking for their clearance section and it was all over the store - signs everywhere! I started by buying my grandson some carter long sleeve onesies for 1 each. score!

then I found a display at the front of the store near the cash registers with all sorts of bins with different items marked only with a sign on the box saying 75% off - discount taken at register. Most items did not interest me like packets of shampoo and hair masks, etc  but in the bottom bin was equate 5 pc manicure sets. The sign said .75. A lot of them were opened and the contents were loose in the bin. I found one that was intact and unopened. I scanned with my phone and the price was .14. I bought 20 sets of them so I can donate to the VA Hospital when I get home. 
Then I saw LA Colors Fingernail Polish in wild colors. I scanned one and it was .10 each. I bought about 30 of them to donate to my high school cosmetology class. My hairdresser is their instructor and I donate shampoo and nail polish to them all the time to help her with her budget. I go raid Sally beauty supply clearance section all the time.

my husband walked away while I raided the bins. He said you can’t pass up a deal can you? I said of course not! That would be dumb.

anyway, I walked away feeling great and helped 2 great causes. I did get plenty of stares though. I just smiled at them through my mask!

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Re: Clearance at Walmart today


That's awesome! I do the same


Re: Clearance at Walmart today

Rewards Hunter

I have 3 WM locally but each one has different things somehow so I end up having to go to each store to get different offers, especially the FAO. Nothing matched in clearance items for me yesterday but there was a decent amount of clearance stuff but nothing matching offers. I did finally get the Coke/Coffee FAO but I didn't like it. 


Re: Clearance at Walmart today


I love clearance shopping at Walmart. It's a relaxing thing for me.