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Colgate at Target 11-30-21

Skilled Saver


.....I got 2 packs of the cavity one....that's all my target had in stock (or carried)

......there is also a $5gift card when u buy online and pickup or delivery (when you buy 4)...I didn't do this option

.....I paid 8 bucks at the store and  should get $6 back $2  for 6 tubes of toothpaste is pretty good to me!

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Re: Colgate at Target 11-30-21

Core Shopper

I placed an order for 4 toothpastes for pickup. I don't have my Target account linked but I figured they would give me a paper receipt that I could scan. They said they don't give paper receipts for online orders. There was just a small upc on the side of the bag. I knew ibotta wouldn't accept it and I didn't want to be out the $12 so I just returned it, which was also a mess. I think I ended up keeping the $5 gift card but that's what they get for wasting my time.