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Completed Level 2 and Gravy Train Bonus

Super Saver

I completed Nov Level 2 and Gravy Train Bonus this morning. I am 18 out of 30 for Feast Bonus. I had to cut my trip short after my husband called me to come home. I spent about 5 hrs planning and 3 hours shopping hoping to complete all 3 bonuses today. I will wait until the items come back in the gallery to complete the Feast Bonus. I have about 4 free items that I haven’t found yet and another 5 items that I need to complete other bonuses in a separate shopping trip. I will leave to go on vacation next weekend to spend the thanksgiving week with our oldest daughter and her husband.  We had this trip planned since April.

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Re: Completed Level 2 and Gravy Train Bonus

Deal Master

@Janet1964. I did a few offers today, but didn't complete any of the bonuses yet.  I just have to get motivated and do some planning. Great job that you completed yours! 

Re: Completed Level 2 and Gravy Train Bonus

Former Ibotta Employee

You are crushing the cash back game! I hope you complete this bonus as well. 

Also - hoping you and your family have a wonderful, safe time on your upcoming trip! 😊

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