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Rewards Hunter

I’m new to all this and it’s really confusing. How come all receipts aren’t excepted 

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Re: Confused

Rewards Hunter
Following. I’m confused as well

Re: Confused

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @Jamesjewell4204,

Welcome to the Ibotta community!

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting started. When using receipts to earn cash back with Ibotta, you'll need to add offers for qualifying products that you purchased. 

Please take a look at this helpful blog post that walks you through all of the ways you can earn cash back with Ibotta, including how to earn money with receipts!

How to Use Ibotta: A Complete Guide

In addition, you can find answers to common questions by visiting our Help Center.

I hope this helps you get started. Feel free to ask additional questions here as well!

Re: Confused

Deal Sharer

Hi.  I just started late August, and I've saved over $100 so far. I only shop curbside pickup at Smith's and Walmart grocery pickup. Not ready to go into stores yet due to high risk family members. I didn't know that Smith's has cash back, but found it shortly after starting ibotta. Many times I've found I can stack their digital coupons, cash back, AND an ibotta, resulting in some cheap even free items. There's a little bit of learning experience, trial and error, but I learned fast because I don't want to lose money! Your question happened to me the very first order. The way the store icon looks made me think I could buy 3 Mexico avocados from Smith's but then it wasn't available when the time came to redeem. When you click on the details of the offers be sure to scroll down and see if your store is one that qualifies. Or go directly to the store you want to shop at, searching within that. My biggest loss was when I went to a Smith's pickup that I usually don't and they didn't give me a paper  receipt. Long story but in the end I took the $10 loss on my dozen items, learning if I shop that location again to be sure to request a paper receipt before they process the order. Ibotta customer service is extremely helpful and willing to try to help if you have any issues but like I said long complicated story. My bottom line, I'm loving this. Good luck.