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Core bar FAO @ Kroger's & Rite Aid

Super Saver

Core bar is back. I have tried the blueberry the last time it was at Target could not find the coconut flavor.  These have been kind of hard to find, where do they hide out at?


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Re: Core bar FAO @ Kroger's & Rite Aid

Skilled Saver

I stumbled upon the Coconut one at CVS. Tricky part is food does not all come up when you search their app. So I browse the food section when I visit a store.

Have only seen the Blueberry one at Target.

Hope you get to try one.

Re: Core bar FAO @ Kroger's & Rite Aid

Deal Master


I swear the CORE bars used to be with all the other bars at Kroger.   And there would be IR available for them, and I would go and find the empty boxes there.  Then the boxes and slots disappeared over time.

I find Perfect bars near the yogurts, but I see no Core bars there.

So I also am curious where Kroger folk find them now.  My Krogers are very good in general about only having things show up in searches that are sold at the store.

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Re: Core bar FAO @ Kroger's & Rite Aid

Deal Sharer

I don’t know about Kroger/Ralphs, but at my Vons in SoCal the Core bars are in the refrigerated produce section—about 15 aisles away from the yogurts. So you might try near the salads and such?


Re: Core bar FAO @ Kroger's & Rite Aid

Shopping Enthusiast

Core Bars disappeared in Ibotta for Walmart, too, but I noticed it returned.  The rebate is only for $1.00, but the price at Walmart is now $1.98, so it was half price.  Unfortunately, the rebate is only for the Blueberry Banana, Cherry Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate.  

Why are they leaving out the Peanut Butter flavor?

Still no Chocolate Chip variety yet.


Re: Core bar FAO @ Kroger's & Rite Aid

Skilled Saver

Today I visited a Super Walmart and didn’t think to check. I didn’t know about all the new Core bar offers. There’s even a bonus, but it includes the elusive coconut.

I wonder why these are on Ibotta so often?

I may pick up a Keto bar if I can find it.