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CVS / Kellogg rebate

Rewards Hunter

Hello guys, I’m new to IBotta, and Im still learning.  I saw a video of a lady who claimed the Kellogg rebate from the CVS store. When I tried to do it it said it was available at target. Can someone explain a bit more how this works please? Is it by region? Is it by store? When I go to my CVS deals in my IBotta app i do not have the Kellogg rebate. 

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Re: CVS / Kellogg rebate

Rewards Hunter


I highly recommend that you scan items in the store to make sure that you have the rebate. Not everyone has the same rebate deals. Sometimes, it is store specific. Sometimes, the amounts offered are different. You can have the same rebate item across multiple stores and it may be a different amount or quantity. Your bonuses may be different too. I haven't really found a pattern. I just try to make sure that I check while I'm in the store. Watch out for the time clock too. Sometimes, deals are out there for a while. Other times, they are gone quickly. If you select a rebate and look at the details, it will tell you stores where it is offered and the expiration date of the deal. Also, some of them will return after you use the rebate. You also need to be careful about making sure that you have the required items on the same receipt.  🙂