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CVS shea moisture hair MM

Skilled Saver

The small packet of restore treatment is scanning for the leave in conditioner. It’s a money maker on its own. 3.29 - 4.92sk = 1.63Mm

since I was rolling large I also got the extra moisture detangler. I did have a two dollar and a three dollar CVS digital coupon that applied and then I applied at 35% CVS coupon so was originally 13.99 but after all coupons and discounts 6.11- 4.92sk = 1.19  

Total was 0.44 MM  note that I did these in separate transaction even though it’s buy one get one 50% off since I needed my 35% off to apply to the more expensive item!



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Re: CVS shea moisture hair MM

Skilled Saver

For some reason I cannot edit my post! I wanted to update the post to say that I’m having trouble getting the kicks from Shopkick for the small packet of conditioner. I put in a ticket but I’m just going to return it if the kicks aren’t going to come through