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Deals at Affilates

Deal Sharer

Does anyone know if redemptions are allowed at affiliate stores? Seems like I did this once a year or more ago at a Mariano's (for a Kroger deal only).
For a current example, Success Garden & Grain Blends is $2.39 back at Albertson's and Safeway.  Jewel is the same company. Can I buy there and submit, clicking Redeem at Safeway but taking picture of my Jewel receipt?

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Re: Deals at Affilates

Deal Master


I would say no.  I have never heard of anyone doing this with KFOS.

They always complain that the offer is only at Kroger and not affiliates.

Plus some offers are only at certain affiliates.  That would defeat the purpose of them having separate offers for different chains. 

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