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Digital Coupons

Rewards Hunter

where can I find digital coupons?

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Re: Digital Coupons

Deal Sharer

Most stores (except Walmart) have them on their store apps. Kroger is the one I use most frequently, and they have hundreds of digital coupons. 

Coupons dot com also has an app that has dq's.

Re: Digital Coupons

Deal Master

@Luuluu  You can load them to your store card (for example I have digital coupons from Shoprite) or you can go to on your desktop to print coupons (sneaky hint - if you store doesn't require color copies, print in draft and black/gray to save ink) or use the app (link to your paypal and be directly reimbursed when you upload the receipt)

Re: Digital Coupons

Deal Master


Where do you mostly shop?

“about me: Suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. BOILER UP!! Favorite stores: Kroger & Meijer"