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Re: Disappearing offers

Deal Ambassador

@LaraL , if I remember correctly I found the offer through the Meijer’s offers on Ibotta.

Re: Disappearing offers



The colgate offer I had disappear and reappeared with it already checked again was found under the Wal-Mart part of the app.

Re: Disappearing offers

Rewards Whiz

Hey everyone,

To provide an update on this, we've been investigating many of the instances you all provided, and the answer behind the "disappearing offers" varies. In majority of the cases, the offer hits a maximum and is pulled. Shortly thereafter the offer is restored with a new limit set. However, the way most of you have experienced it in the app is that it comes back in the same day. When that happens, well, that's something we're still investigating. But when the offer simply disappears and comes back days later, that's sort of how it works currently.

With this in mind, we're talking about the idea of addressing the window between when you go to redeem an offer, and when it expires. So in other words, if you saw the offer, it gets pulled shortly after you saw it, and then you go to redeem it from a purchase made the same day and it's gone, we're looking at a way to sustain the offer for a certain amount of time.

No guarantees that we go that route in particular, but with how many savers have been having this experience, it's clear that something should be done to address it. As for now, we're still looking into the matter, but that's a quick update on what I've seen so far.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our care team with a ticket if and when you experience this, and please also continue to share your experiences here in this thread.