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Discrepancy on Ibotta offers between users

Rewards Hunter

I love using Ibotta!  The only complaint I have is that from watching YT posts, there are often discrepancies on offers that vary between users.  I get that someone who has amassed a lot of points/referrals might be offered different bonuses, but the actual offers for each item should be uniform across the system, IMO.  This week, someone posted a shopping haul where they shared a screen shot on a Ken's dressing deal.  Her Ibotta account didn't require 'must buy 2' to get the bonus, and showed she could get it up to 5x.  My account said 'must buy 2' and that was it.  She also got an extra $0.15 on the regular Ken's dressing bonus (hers was $.65, mine is $.50).  This is frustrating and doesn't seem right to me.

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Re: Discrepancy on Ibotta offers between users

Deal Sharer

Were the offers the other user showed from the same store you were shopping? There can be different cash back offers depending on the store.


Re: Discrepancy on Ibotta offers between users

Rewards Whiz

Unfortunately, we don't make the rules.  Everything about Ibotta can be different between users, from offer rebate amounts, to number of items needed, to bonus amounts.  You could have an offer or bonus and your neighbor have neither.

You must remember that Ibotta is a marketing company.  They collect demographics on each of us and present offers that were paid by manufacturers.  They have limits on how many they can offer and try to give the offers to those who will fullfil them.  That's how they make money.

If they can only offer 10,000 rebates of a certain product, they will look at past history and determine which 10,000 users of 100,000 users will get the offer based on the likelihood they will buy it.

Of course, these numbers are made up and the calculations are much more complicated.  But if everyone got the same offers, rebates would expire much more quickly and more people would be upset.  It is a balancing act to get enough offers to those who will buy it and keep everyone happy.

Re: Discrepancy on Ibotta offers between users

Rewards Hunter

Just like every thing else in life comparing with others is rarely helpful. I’m a fairly high user of Ibotta and have earned over $8300 in cash back. I see people who get way more lucrative offers than me so it’s not just volume. I tend to think there’s some randomness and some taking turns. I don’t know their algorithm. I’m happier just seeing my offers and working with what I have.  

Re: Discrepancy on Ibotta offers between users

Rewards Hunter

3 of us in my immeadiate family have Ibotta. We often have different items, amount if items required or rebate amounts. We’ve learned to check with each other if picking up something for one of them. 


Re: Discrepancy on Ibotta offers between users

Deal Master

@Sherinflorida  First let me say I'm in agreement - for example this "IN Crowd" beta makes the rest of us feel like the "Bleacher kids" - but that's a whole 'nother subject.   The offers are based on certain demographics as well.  I'm sure when we upload our receipts, they are taking into account ALL of the info on the receipt - to find out what we buy.   If we make a purchase and it reloads, it commonly reloads at a lower value.  FAO also may load for $1.99 but the product varies in price in different locations.