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Doordash missing credit?

Core Shopper

has anyone ordered thru doordash using credits in doordash account on Ibotta? Do we still get offer credit for it on ibotta.

I ordered doordash thru Ibotta.  The ordered was a pickup and was paid for with credits on the account (gift cards inputted and default as payment since I can't change it).  I read that the food purchase will be used but I never got credit after 7 days and it didn't show up in the activity.  So I was wondering if this is an error or if we pay with credits we don't get Ibotta as an offer.  I want to make sure and was wondering should I inquire about it.  I can pass unless it's important enough to ask and put it on record that I have this offer. I can forfeit the doordash 3%. I have some credit on my account so if I'm not going to get credit for it I can forget Ibotta and just use the doordash app so one less layer to verify or just don't order from doordash.

Thanks in advance.