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Earning more

Rewards Hunter

Hello, I've noticed that some people earn a lot. Do they just shop all the time?

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Re: Earning more

Deal Sharer

My children know when I bring something new home they say: it was Ibotta right? 😂

I plan my meals and deals around the Ibotta offers. It is fun and it works for me. 

Re: Earning more

Rewards Guide

Depends on what you consider a lot. Different family sizes, needs and wants. Some people donate a lot of what they buy. Some stockpile good deals. Some shop several times a week, some once a week or less. The best way to earn a lot is to stack coupons with deals and bonuses. 

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Re: Earning more


I always first look through each category. I only get items I buy regularl, bogo, free, or a really awesome deal!!!