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Earning not showing

Rewards Hunter

I have successfully uploaded receipts from meijer in the past. I have attempted to upload from Costco but it never lets me redeem my earnings. Anyone else have this problem? I was supposed to earn $12 from this last receipt and got nothing and now it is too late to try again! 😡

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Re: Earning not showing

Rewards Hunter

Yes!!!...I have never been able to get items to redeem ... Assuming Costco items don't redeem since their sizes are larger than the standard sizes listed in the Ibotta application.


Re: Earning not showing

Deal Master

If the rebate says a specific size and you did not buy that size, then no, you don't get the rebate.

I wish the rebates would match the store better.  Costco is a good example, but I don't have a Costco near me.

On the other end of the spectrum is Dollar Tree.  Chances are, I won't find a package of Pampers that matches the $3.00 rebate listed in Ibotta.