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Ebay rebate never seems to work.

Rewards Hunter

It seems that I can only get the eBay rebate to work maybe one time out of three

1) Yes, I launched from Ibotta 

2) I carefully read to make sure I'm not buying something that is excluded. obviously, purchasing gift cards are always excluded but sometimes the categories that are not allowed change. 

3) I have no problems with other retailers, such as Staples

4) I get the confirmation with the little code at the bottom when I go back to Ibotta. (Do I need to uninstall the eBay app and only use the website or something)

5) sometimes I get a message from ibotta via email to remind need to complete an eBay purchase I already made

6) eBay is not one of the retailers in the browser extension, so I can't use the computer, only the phone.

What am I doing wrong?






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Re: Ebay rebate never seems to work.


I have not gotten any of my eBay orders credited.

I do not have a clue as to why.  Walmart and Staples credit right away.


Re: Ebay rebate never seems to work.

Rewards Guide

I’ve only had it credit on beauty purchases 


Re: Ebay rebate never seems to work.

Deal Sharer

ever pr amazon! and I can’t get my target account to link I am going shopping there tomorrow UGG online & curbside deliver so ill prob moss lit