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Evolve Plant-based Free at 7 Eleven not getting credited


Hi I bought a bottle of the Evolve Protein drink at 7 Eleven on Sunday and I did scan the the barcode to check if it's the right product. I submitted the receipt almost right after purchase. After more than 72 hrs pending, Ibotta didn't credit me saying the receipt had been submitted. The receipt has been with me since I bought the product and submitted it. I think the app froze when I had tried to take the photo of the receipt right after without submitting it. I had to close the app and started the process again. Did Ibotta auto upload the receipt when a photo was taken? 

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Re: Evolve Plant-based Free at 7 Eleven not getting credited

Deal Ambassador

I had the same thing happen yesterday with a Target receipt. I didn't get a message that my receipt is pending so I put in a support ticket. You will need to do the same thing. 

And I don't think the receipt would upload until you click submit.