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Expired Rebates


This may be a repeat question so I apologize. 
I made an amazon purchase via Ibotta  and purchased an item that should have qualified for an 8% rebate. 
Ibotta wont know for up to 72 hours if I made a qualifying purchase. The 8% rebate for the qualified purchase expired and isnow 5%. 
Once Ibotta is notified by Amazon about my qualifying purchase, will I still earn the 8% rebate that was available when I made the purchase?   

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Re: Expired Rebates

Deal Master


I do not use ibotta for online rebates, but I will tell you this.

All other online cashback sites I use (about 10 of them) work the way you describe.  Otherwise, when there is a one or two-day special with higher rates, it would basically be impossible to get the bonus rate.

And there are enough competitors, that if they did not do it this way, you should vow never to use them again.

So I would pretty much guarantee you are good, but I can't do so from experience with ibotta itself.

Good luck with your purchase.   

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