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Re: FAO Mountain Dew Frost Bite at Walmart

Rewards Guide

The other night, I finally found ONE bottle in a special Mountain Dew branded impulse cooler near the checkout lanes. I actually checked EVERY SINGLE cooler in each of the checkout aisles (I always shop late at night, so self checkout was the only thing open and I didn't have to worry about bothering people) and couldn't find any, but as I was walking back down towards self checkout, I saw the fancier branded cooler that I had not noticed originally.

I'm pretty sure it was the last bottle in the entire store 😃

Re: FAO Mountain Dew Frost Bite at Walmart

Core Shopper

@Zombie  Thanks for the tip about the branded cooler. I walked into the store this morning and looked for the Pepsi cooler in the center checkout. Boom! There they were. The Pepsi cooler looks like the others except for the branding. ✍️ Note to self: Check branded locations first. One unicorn unicornered. 🦄