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FAO Sprouts

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Re: FAO Sprouts

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I just checked my Sprouts dqs and there's a coupon for vegan Tate's bakeshop chocolate chip cookies.  Ibotta has these as an offer at some stores but not Sprouts.  Hey, free's free...

Also, at my Sprouts,  the Lightlife isn't a true fao. I have a vegan friend that I might get it for anyway.  I have tried to like plant based "meat", but can't take the mushy texture. Yuk...


Re: FAO Sprouts

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My thoughts about this are that this thread is for Sprouts.  We have always allowed posts to be made for an offer at a specific store even if in an existing thread was made mentioning it is offered at multiple or other stores.  There are some who will specifically open/read a thread because it says Sprouts that would not open a generic multi-store post about a particular item.

When I post a deal at Kroger for thingamajigs, and someone else wants to post a similar deal at Sprouts (or any other store), I understand that.  Not everyone has a Kroger or a Sprouts.)

To me, the single issue of thread removal is an absolute repost of the same item at the same store.  I honestly don't consider this a repost, and while I prefer that the title should have been something like 'FAO Sprouts Lightlife & Perfect Bars', that is only my preference.  I don't believe mods should either combine threads for this, remove the thread, or change the thread title.  There are no rules governing all the details 'required' for a new thread deal, and I certainly am not advocating there should be.

I think someone has a right to post a deal for one item and mention it is available at 'multiple stores', and I feel someone else is entitled to begin a new thread that narrows it down to one particular store, especially if the subsequent post is a moneymaker instead of an FAO.  

Again this is just my thoughts, but my reasoning for posting deals is to help someone save money, and I can best do that when I tailor my threads to a particular store such as Kroger, Meijer, or WM.

tl;dr:  I see nothing wrong with this thread and don't consider it a repost because it will help its intended audience better since it is targeting a particular store. audience.

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