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Field roast offer mislabeled as BOGO ?πŸ€”

Deal Sharer

I’m wondering if anyone has purchased he field roast signature stadium dogs. Up  until the 4th the offer was 5.99-free after rebate. Now the offer has reset as 2.99- BOGO must buy2. Wondering if this is an error and was supposed to be 2.99- 50% off after rebate  

Ive checked the website of 9 of the available retailers and the lowest I can find the item is $5.49. Figured I’d ask if anyone out there has been able to find it at 2.99 and which retailer/geographic Location. I’m in DC



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Re: Field roast offer mislabeled as BOGO ?πŸ€”

Rewards Whiz

Hmm, yeah I imagine this is set based on the expected price of $2.99. Seems like the BOGO tag is misleading as it implies one of the items are free. I'll mention it internally and hopefully we can get a quick fix out.

Re: Field roast offer mislabeled as BOGO ?πŸ€”

Rewards Hunter

Yes, I agree that some error is happening here.

I just tried to buy them at the only local store with them in stock and they were $6.99 each!  Obviously, I put them back.  Bummer, though,  cause I've been having the hardest time finding deals that are available in my stores and I've been trying to get enough offers for some of the current bonuses.


Re: Field roast offer mislabeled as BOGO ?πŸ€”


Thank you for posting this.  I'm waiting for the internal review and hope to see this corrected soon.