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Re: Free Gooey Hazelnut Spread

Core Shopper

@Icequeen813 I understand what you are saying. The KK post is a little muddled because she is talking about 2 different things. First, there is the cashback offer from Aisle and then there is the giveaway which includes a gift card plus a free jar of Gooey.  


Re: Free Gooey Hazelnut Spread

Skilled Saver

What's muddled is having several threads for the same offer.

I always search prior to posting to see if the deal is already being discussed before starting a new conversation.


Re: Free Gooey Hazelnut Spread

Skilled Saver

I realize I’m going to probably get banned after this but can’t we just all get along? I appreciate the time everybody takes to post on here!

Re: Free Gooey Hazelnut Spread

Deal Master


Lol@ getting banned.   

This is not a question of not getting along.  While this is a community forum, and not simply a deal site, there is an implied expectation that reposts will be deleted.  It used to even be emphasized during the first year.

I spend many hours searching for deals to share with others to help them save money.  I don't look at other sites or watch YouTube videos and merely post deals from other sites.  And before I post a deal, I search and look thru recent posts before I do.  When I find I have reposted something. I have always asked to have mine deleted.  That has been Internet Etiquette 101 for many years.

So this isn't a question of picking on someone or trying to upset them, but rather it is a respectful thing to do for the effort the original poster made providing a deal 

All too often, one person will post a deal that is a repost of something I posted a few hours before, and my post will be one of the 5 most recent posts.  And when I mention it, they don't even acknowledge it, apologize, or ask to have their post deleted.  That is blatant disrespect.

Those of us who post deals should be shown a modicum of respect.  If etiquette is not followed. It results in a new user posting a deal, only to have a more seasoned or more popular user steal their shine by reposting.  I simply have never seen a deal site or user forum not regulate reposts for these very reasons.

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