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Free thanks giving dinner

Rewards Hunter

Hi just wanted to let you know that I haven't been able to redeem  the items for my free dinner with y recipt  can you please help me? Thank you 😊

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Re: Free thanks giving dinner

Deal Expert

Only ibotta can help you with that. But, did you buy them at walmart? Is your walmart account linked? If it's linked you do not need to scan the receipt barcode. If youi clicked on the items before buying them bought through a linked account all you need to do is wait normally up to 48 hours some people have posted 3-5 days some longer. If your account isn't linked and you're trying to scan the barcode and it's not going in you can also type the barcode number in as well. But if nothing is working try looking for an update uninstall and reinstall wifi off on shut phone off on clear cookies cache. If none of that works you'll need to put in a ticket to get your rebates.

Re: Free thanks giving dinner

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @Graciela

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble successfully redeeming your Free Thanksgiving Dinner offers. Please take a look at this helpful FAQ article from our Ibotta Care team: 

If this doesn't help, please send a ticket to our team using the Help Center. While it may take up to a week for a response, our team will ensure your issue is resolved. Thanks in advance for your patience. 


: Free thanks giving dinner

Rewards Hunter

So I can just order the stuff like normal on the walmart site and because my accounts are linked I will get the rebate? And it has to be exact size and brand,ie the generic stuffing, cranberry sauce...


Re: : Free thanks giving dinner

Ultimate Saver

@Carney74 ,

Yes, it should work.  However, make sure you have substitutions turned off.  Ibotta does not honor substitutions. It must be the exact brand and size.

For what it's worth, linking your account adds an extra level of complexity.  I prefer to go into the store and do my own shopping.  I can scan each item in Ibotta to make sure it qualifies.



Re: Free thanks giving dinner

Rewards Hunter

I am already seeing where 3 of the items are sold out.  I know that my Walmart has a habit of not having items in their store as I was in there a couple weeks ago and their shelves were bare.  Since we can't substitute, I probably won't even get a turkey (they didn't even have any lettuce at all last time I was at the store).