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Getting answers through the “submitting a request ticket”

Rewards Hunter

How many people have issues or questions that are t being addressed through the system Ibotta has? I e submitted over 12 tickets, request forms for help with my acct. and ALL have been closed as “ resolved” when it hasn’t even been addressed! There needs to be an on-line chat( live)  or phone number to call to get help! This is a big app. That doesn’t get any support for the people that use and support their app.!im sure I’m not the only person frustrated on not getting answers, or getting their funds. The system is broken and needs updating ! Don’t u agree ?

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Re: Getting answers through the “submitting a request ticket”

Deal Master

I have been fortunate in the end.   I have gotten a satisfactory resolution on each and every shortage I have encountered.

That being said I had one ticket that got worked 4 times by the same person and they just weren't getting it.  I had included all the receipt pages, a pretty table.   Clearly stated what I needed and what the final total for the receipt should be.   He just was not following my clear directions.  Sometimes you end up spending an hour or two submitting and handling tickets to get a dollar or two.

Having chat or a phone call would be much better.   I would even accept a call me back option.

That being said, I have no idea how tight their margins are, and how much money they have available to do all of this..

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Re: Getting answers through the “submitting a request ticket”

Deal Expert

If you keep sending in tickets you go to the bottom of the list and have to wait longer. They get 1000s of tickets a day maybe more because of the pandemic and they are working from home. They are doing the best they can give them time they will get to you.