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Gift card offers rules?

Core Shopper

I heard that buying a gift card counts as an offer.  However my questions are

1) are we limited to 1 offer a day for gift cards purchased?

2) if we buy more then 1 gift card in same day does each gift card count as an offer 

3) if we are allowed more then 1 gift card count, does same store make a difference? Example if I buy 2 gift cards from GrubHub on same day.  Will I get 2 offer counts or 1 count?

4) in places like GrubHub and doordash.  If I used a gift card in the purchase will my regular food purchase online count as an offer. Aka I get 1 offer for buying the gift card and 1 offer for placing the order online for food and using the gift card I just bought on the transaction.  So in total I get 2 offers?

Thanks in advance.  Trying to figure ways to up my offer counts since don't have Walmart near me to reach the offers needed.






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Re: Gift card offers rules?

Super Saver


1. No, you can buy more the one.  I think you are limited to $250.00

2. Yes, they will each count as an offer.

3. No, store does not make a difference.  For example, you can buy 2 x $10 Walmart gift cards on the same day.  Both will trigger an offer.

4. Yes, that example would be 2 offers.

You are having an Ibotta light bulb moment - congrats!

Re: Gift card offers rules?

Shopping Enthusiast


You have to options when purchasing gift cards.

0ption 1


 from the home screen purchase gift card using linked debit card or earnings balance.  $250.00 daily limit you will receive rebate and credit toward bonuses.

Option 2


 purchase gift cards from account screen using earnings balance.

⚠️ warning ⚠️ using this option the gift card is emailed to your registered Ibotta email address and no rebate or credit toward bonuses using this option. 

⚠️warning ⚠️

gift cards are non refundable make sure you select the correct store and your email address is correct.

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Re: Gift card offers rules?

Super Saver

@cjwoody  You have made it all so clear!! I have been using Ibotta almost 3 years and would "withdraw earnings" to a gift card because I thought the "pay with I" required giving them my debit card info which I didn't want to do. Just a month ago or so I realized I had a choice and could use some of my Ibotta earnings! Now I go for the gift card, minimum amount, whenever I can. I was in Walmart yesterday and had one partly used gc, one new one; but I spent more than I had anticipated. So while still at the checkout, I bought another, still using my earnings! I was able to complete my WW faster because I didn't have to wander around Kroger looking for that last item to finish the bonus. I just wish there were gift cards available for Kroger, Albertsons, CVS, and Target as well as Walmart. I have used some of the restaurant gc's and might get one for gasoline when/if I go on a road trip.

This community has been a great teaching tool! Thanks, CJ, for being so clear.

Re: Gift card offers rules?

Super Saver

@OBSHOP  I need to thank you as well. Showing the different ways to get a gift card is very important!  Great information!!!

Re: Gift card offers rules?

Core Shopper

Yes, I recently discovered you get bonus credit for buying these.  So yesterday, we were getting subway for dinner. I bought 3 @@ $5 s  1 @ $15. The $250.max is only thing I was and each vendor has own minimums

Re: Gift card offers rules?

Deal Ambassador

@TXbelle This may just be an error, but I saw the Kroger logo was amended to show Gift cards in the iOS app. Maybe a sign for things to come? 🤞


Re: Gift card offers rules?

Deal Sharer

Thank you so much for this information. I didn't know this. I appreciate your help!