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Re: Gift Cards and Pay w/Ibotta


No it should be on all accounts


Re: Gift Cards and Pay w/Ibotta

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The simplest way I can explain how the gift cards work.

1. You have to link your banks debit card to your Ibotta account

2. From the Ibotta home page on the app select (Gift cards formerly Pay with Ibotta)

3. Scroll through the list of retailers select desired retailer to purchase gift card from, enter desired amount, press the review button. If everything is correct press (Buy gift card for $XX.XX. 

4. Warning gift cards are not refundable make sure you select to the correct retailer and only press buy button 1 time.

5. When you complete purchase your Ibotta account will be credited with amount of the credited reward.

Keep in mind when you purchase gift cards you will receive credit toward monthly level, MWMM, and WWB. Hope this helps you understand how to use Ibotta gift cards.


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