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Happy New Year, Savers!

Former Ibotta Employee

Happy New Year, Savers! 🎉

It's been so rewarding for myself and the Ibotta team to see this community grow and help maximize your cash back experience, not to mention your wallets! 

In an effort to continue to improve the Ibotta app and browser extension, I want to invite you to provide any suggestions or improvements to Ibotta that our team can further look into and potentially create for you! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the thread below. ⬇️

Thank you and may 2021 be your biggest savings year ever! 😊❤️

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Re: Happy New Year, Savers!

Deal Expert

Happy New Year to you and your family as well. As for ideas I've asked for a few and they said they would look into it but that was a 2 years ago and nothing every happened.  1 The notifications in the bell top of the app we need to be able to delete them (personal notifications as well as the friend notifications). I have them since I started ibotta and do not need them to stay that long we need a delete option. Also for the gift cards you can only mark as spent and tghey stay in the app once spent we should be able to delete them as well. I'm sure some people have a bunch of spent cards that are marked as spent and are just taking up room on the app. Every time I ask for this I get told we will look into it and nothing ever comes from it.

Re: Happy New Year, Savers!

Super Saver

Shopping list please

Re: Happy New Year, Savers!


Can they streamline the ticket help request. It seems I get replies from several people on one ticket and they are asking for submission of things I’ve already submitted causing multiple emails in my Inbox and much frustration at resolving issues with CREDIT and bonuses

Re: Happy New Year, Savers!

Deal Sharer

Get those bonuses I just starting figuring this ibotta app any pointers to get quick cash 

Re: Happy New Year, Savers!

Super Saver

@lisadawnsmith41  As a newbie requesting tips, let me suggest the tips that ensued here on the post at this link: Newbie Knowledge Wanted Please - Ibotta Saver Community

Older receipts could be credited

Deal Sharer

Hi?! Happy New Year!! 

I'm suggesting Ibotta to consider receipts that were bought during the 7 day period to be honored at a later date. With this whole pandemic era, it has been really difficult keeping updated with all my receipt 🥺 it's been more like " tomorrow I'll do it" and then I forget, and it's sad to lose money like that.

Some stores do not carry the product

Deal Sharer

What happens when my store does not carry a product advertise in ibotta offers??? Just today Walmart didn't have several items and I was not happy, because that was a waste of time looking for it.

Re: Happy New Year, Savers!

Rewards Hunter

The only thing I can think of is a list section so we don’t have to switch back and forth 


Re: Some stores do not carry the product

Deal Master


I try to check the product in the Walmart app before I go to the store.  Sometimes it isn't accurate, but it's the best I can suggest.  I have six Walmarts around me, so I will see if it is carried at another Walmart close by.