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Hi everyone. I’m new.

Rewards Hunter

Hi all. I’m new. I reached the over 500 dollar savings club and they sent me this link. So here I am. Lol. I’m a 56 y/o mom and wife from coastal New Jersey. So how do things work around here and what can I do to help anyone else? 

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Re: Hi everyone. I’m new.

Deal Master

@momswag  Welcome - I'm on LI - just join in any conversation, search around between the deals forum and the ideas forum.  What are your primary go to stores? 

Re: Hi everyone. I’m new.

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @momswag

Welcome to the Ibotta Community! This platform is here for you to ask questions, share deals, and connect with fellow Savers to help you maximize your Ibotta experience. Our main section for conversations to start or join is the "Deals Forum". We also have an area called "Submit an Idea" that you can use to provide suggestions on how the Ibotta team can improve the app (or even this community, as it's still new)!

I'm here if you need any help getting started! 😊