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hi I am new here

Rewards Hunter

I love shopping

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Re: hi I am new here

Deal Master

@micheleal  Good morning - I honestly have to say I don't love shopping. I love the challenge of saving. 

I honestly dislike shopping for other items such as clothing.  I literally walk in, touch a few items, maybe pick one up and by the time I get to the register, I put it back. 

Hand me a rebate app or 3 and a handful of coupons, and I can spend hours!

Re: hi I am new here

Super Saver

@micheleal @FelskyNY 

I love doing shopping errands AND i love saving/earning money AND I the puzzles. Ibotta-ing scratches all those itches: matching rebates with coupons, sales, and other rebates to get things  for $0 or as a money maker is one of my favorite sports/hobbies.  And when I have no use for the freebates,  I delight in donating them to the local FoodBank.

Re: hi I am new here

Deal Master

@What-Shot  I totally agree.  It's strange, when I do surveys sometimes, it asks if you Like to Shop.  It is so hard to answer that question.  I don't like to Shop UNLESS it involves rebating/couponing as you said.