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Holiday Celebrations

Deal Master

Ok gang, Let’s share holiday plans& meals & traditions & adjustments made in this chaotic year! We are celebrating at younger sons in Orlando.Daughter in law serving PrimeRib, Roasted Turkey . I just finished my “famous **bleep** stuffing & cranberry apple bake (double batches Sunday we will do Christmas again at older son, daughter in law & 6 mo grandson.. This time we’ll probably dine at restaurant.... We all live in Central Florida. I do miss snow at Christmas. I was born& raised in Massachusetts 

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Re: Holiday Celebrations

Deal Master

My sister-in-law lives with us and her kids and grandkids will be over today for Christmas Eve dinner and presents.  It is a tradition that we have done for many years.  I know we shouldn't have so many over, but we didn't do anything for Thanksgiving.  Well, that's not exactly true.  We did a "virtual" Thanksgiving with my three daughters.

Though Covid has hit everyone, we seem to be blessed to be in one of the least affected counties in Florida.  Not that we can't get it, but we have tried to wear masks when out at the store, kept 6 feet away from everyone and washed our hands constantly.  Maybe the warmer weather has helped, but who knows.  Not me.

I hope everyone stays healthy during the holidays.



Re: Holiday Celebrations

Deal Ambassador

I have my son home on leave from the army THANKFULLY and we are all spending Christmas Eve together at my daughters house with my soninlaw, 1 1/2 year old granddaughter, my mom, my brother and sevetal other relatives. Probably a bit more people than we should technically have but is extremely rare for us to all be able to be together. There is almost always someone missing, but this year all the stars aligned so we are going for it. We are having homemade chili in breadbowls with all the fixings, and of course a 100 kinds of desserts cause we love the weightloss challenges that follow lol