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How do I claim items 🤔

Rewards Hunter

Hello all, I'm a newbie/rookie/probie.. I'm confused as to how I claim items that I just spent $175 on at the store. I don't plan on getting rich off of this app  🤣, but it made me pay attention to my receipt 😆. I found on my receipt, some items were $0.29, $0.49, $1.09 and one item they(the store) paid me $1.31 to take their  hotdogs out of the store.

Now, I can go back to the store buy these hotdogs, & buy the cheap buns and still walk out with them paying me $0.32 cents per set of buns & dogs. Have a hotdog sale, and save enough money to buy me a pontoon boat. (Party boat)

In short, I don't have a team, I'd like to get on a team, does anyone have a team or room 🤔

Thanks everyone for reading this. 

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Re: How do I claim items 🤔

Deal Master

There are no such things as rooms in this community. 

I  am confused about the whole hotdog thing.  What do you mean when you said they paid you to take them home?  What store?

Also, you should add ibotta offers to your account before you go shopping so you have a list.   There are terms regarding what stores each offer is accepted at, etc.  Have you added offers to your ibotta list for the store you purchased?

Also. regarding teams:


There is a dedicated thread for teammate issues and questions

All teammate-related questions or concerns should be directed there.

Go here:


From the first paragraph of that thread created by the ibotta moderator:

Looking for new teammates? Add your name to this thread, or add people asking on this thread. This is the official teammate thread for the month of April 2021 - please do not post looking for teammates in separate posts.

Thanks & happy saving!

Please note: to add teammates it must be done via Facebook. Referral codes only work for new accounts.


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