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How does this work

Rewards Hunter

I’m new I’ve had Ibotta a long time but not this 

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Re: How does this work

Deal Master

@Wmaeflower2000  Welcome -   Like I said in other posts, just jump right in and join a conversation, let us know where you shop, what stores you like, all of the important info!


Re: How does this work

Deal Expert

This is just a forum where you talk about ibotta and deals it's just like the ibotta top savers facebook page only ibotta doesn't monitor that anymore since they started this.

Re: How does this work

Deal Sharer

I am in the same situation. Had Ibotta for a while but new to the community forum. I am excited to learn all kinds of new things 💐

Re: How does this work

Rewards Hunter

Same here... Been with Ibotta for years but new to this.   Any advice