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Huhh-boy! ANOTHER weekend scanning misadventure?

Deal Expert


I was at Sprouts roughly an hour ago, then I walked across the street to the Kroger where I was parked.

I bought 3 Ibotta cash back items at Sprouts. Soon after I scanned my receipt 1 item - HopLark HopTea - didn't get credited so I scanned the barcode and then it gets acknowledged but the submission is in pending status. Earlier this week I had the same problem with the same product at a different Sprouts, so of course I jumped on chili with Ibotta care.  I ultimately got a consolation cash payoff but no offer completion credit

An hour later I finish shopping at Kroger, I check Ibotta, it's not even on the activity or earnings ledger so - here goes nothing - I rescan the receipt, same thing with HopLark HopTea, haven't even scanned my Kroger receipt yet 

I JUST scanned my Kroger receipt and it's in pending status too