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I found a money maker!!

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I'm going to be really bummed if this was already posted, but I found my first money maker!! (That I didn't see elsewhere first). Energy drinks are expensive, and we live off of them. Adrenaline shock is $1 cash back on Ibotta at Wal-Mart, up to 5 times. My Wal-Mart has coupons stuck on them for BOGO and they cost $1.98 each. I got 4, paid for 2 at $3.96, got 2 free and redeemed $4 from Wal-Mart. πŸ’Έ πŸ₯³πŸ’Έ πŸ€‘ I'm ridiculously excited 😁 

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Re: I found a money maker!!

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Re: I found a money maker!!

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@Lbabies Nice job!


Re: I found a money maker!!

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@Lbabies , thank you for sharing! I love when everyone shares the deals they find. πŸ’• According to my Walmart app, my store doesn’t have these, but I will be checking when I’m there anyway!


Re: I found a money maker!!

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I recently tried one of these for the first time because Big Lots had it as the free item this past weekend.

I am not a user of energy drinks, but I will drink free ones.

Regarding the AS, all I can say is wow.  Good flavor.  Strong flavor.

It punched me right in the face multiple times and did not even apologize.

Extremely strong, so if that is what you like, these are up your alley.

Did I mention it punched me in the face.

(Congrats on finding the deal Lbabies.  I tried the cotton candy and the fruit punch.  What is your favorite?)

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Re: I found a money maker!!

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@Rickibotta Same here! I tried because of big lots freebie and I loved it. I got the watermelon. Punched me as well and made my road trip this past weekend so much easier.