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I'm Brand New!!!!?

Rewards Hunter

Hi my name is Gypsy

I have no clue what or how to go about this. Hoping for a Brave new friend to show me the ropes, and to join there team...

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Re: I'm Brand New!!!!?

Deal Expert

the people that are your facebook friends that use ibotta are your team a notification went out in july that it's not working. go to the deals forum pinned january 2021 teammates put your name in there only it states  it and to not ask anywhere else. It's not rocket science don't over think it. Go into the store you want to shop at. At the top it will tell you how to get your rebate scan receipt, link account/card, or both if both you can pick one. If it's a linked store link before you do anything. Click on what you want to buy then go buy it if it's a linked store you do not have to do anything but wait pending time is normally 48 hours buy can take 3-5 days sometimes longer that's with all linked accounts. If it's a scan click on what you want to buy then buy it the scan receipt follow the prompts it tells you exactly what you need to do. Then wait for it to process a few hours to a day. For online purchases like the children's place, home depot etc go into the website from ibotta and do your normal shopping just like if you were to be on the website on a computer do not use any coupons or discount codes because you will not get the rebate they don't double dip that way. When you're done exit out and up to 90 days or whatever the pending time is it will say in the fine print (read the fine print on everything it will tell you exactly what you can get) you'll get the rebate. If you don't get credit for something or it misses something keep your receipt and packaging they will need that info when you put in a ticket. Tickets take a week some longer to get answered because people put in tickets for every little thing they will get back to you and help.