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Ibotta App vs

Deal Master

I have always used the Ibotta app on my phone.  I knew there was an site, but it had limited functions.  Today, I noticed that some users have signed up on and are setting up everything on the website and not using their phone.  To get the most out of Ibotta, I would recommend the app.

From what I could see, the main difference is that the website is limited to only online purchasing.  If you go to a store to make a purchase, I don't think you can submit your receipt on the website.  

Since my PC has a bigger screen, I can scroll through offers for some retailers (Walmart Pickup, for one) very quickly.  I did notice that the Best Value category was not listed on the website.

I also noticed a link to the Ibotta Community on the website.

Has anyone else noticed any differences between the Ibotta app and the Ibotta website?

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Re: Ibotta App vs

Deal Master


The website is pretty pointless.  I only use it to submit a request or review open/closed tickets.

Even if you are doing online shopping, don't you just launch the store website, and then the chrome extension pops up?   You don't actually use the site to look at your offers for online purchases do you?

I do not have the chrome extension. 

You can't submit receipts via the website.

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