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Ibotta claiming incorrect retailer for Sprouts


Hi, friends!

I purchased the Blake's Seed-based bar and the Munk Keto bar at Sprouts today for the two offered freebies. Scanned both before purchase and both barcodes matched.

Scanned my receipt after purchase and it submitted just fine, but I then got an immediate notification that I had submitted the receipt under the incorrect retailer. I did not submit it under the incorrect retailer. I double-checked the receipt and nowhere on the receipt does it say Sprouts (!) so I can see where Ibotta is making this mistake.

Just for the heck of it, even though I knew it would happen again, I submitted the receipt a second time under Sprouts and again, Ibotta rejected it for submitting it under an incorrect retailer.

I opened a ticket and submitted photos of the receipt and screenshots of the offers I was redeeming. Now I wait for a response. It was $4.28 and I went there for the freebies. At the bottom of the receipt in the fine print, it asks for a survey for Sprouts so that's some type of proof that the receipt is from Sprouts.  I also have my debit charge on my bank statement from Sprouts to prove I went there, but I'm baffled that Sprouts doesn't have a header or name anywhere on their receipts and that Ibotta then kicks it back as incorrect retailer.