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Ibotta Days Rebate Not Updating?

Rewards Guide

Is your rebate spend updating? The 0 out of 100 part?

I’ve been credited for a couple online orders and I’m still at zero. I’m a little concerned with the exclusions 

• Any Brand, Any Receipt, and Any Item offers.
• Online shopping transactions that haven't been credited yet.
• Online shopping transactions made on the browser extension.
• Online grocery pick up and delivery.

Does this mean say launching Home Depot for the .5% back on your purchase doesn’t count since that is an any item rebate? Most of the online shopping are technically any item rebates.

and online transactions that haven’t been credited yet, does that mean if it’s not credited before the bonus expires, it won’t count?

Any insight?


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Re: Ibotta Days Rebate Not Updating?

Deal Master


When they say ANY ITEM,  ANY RECEIPT, and  ANY BRAND, they are talking about the regular ibotta, not online.

Go to the ibotta app......not your chrome extension.

Select a store.

Under the UPLOAD RECEIPT button, slide over and select the ANY IITEM tab.

Those are the exclusions it is talking about.

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