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Ibotta getting ony nerves


Lately, since this whole Ibotta "remodel" of the app, I've noticed that some of my rebates are just disappearing without any warning.  They typically are still there in my list(if was clipped) but still give zero indication that going to expire anytime soon...and then they rebate just disappears.  Happened today... extremely least give us a date so we know when rebate is about to expire.🙄🙄

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Re: Ibotta getting ony nerves

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Sorry you had that happen.  Unfortunately, it happens to all of us.

Ibotta has the right to pull an offer for any reason at any time.  Many offers have a limited number.  When they are getting close, an estimated expiration date is posted..  But if the offer is redeemed by a lot of people at once, it can expire much earlier than estimated.  I find this happens a lot on Weekends when more people are shopping.  

Sometimes, an offer will come back on Monday or Tuesday because they pulled it too early.  But it only lasts for a few days, if that.

Remember that Ibotta is a marketing company.  These offers are from the retailers and manufacturers.  If Ibotta doesn't pull the offer when the contract says, they probably have to eat the costs.


Re: Ibotta getting ony nerves

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I know it can be frustrating, and it has happened to me numerous times.  Fortunately my schedule allows me to shop daily.  For FAO (free after offer) and other extremely hot deals, they seem to get pulled without notice more often.

The worst is when it happens after you purchase and before you submit the receipt. To avoid this:

  • While in store mode of ibotta app CHECK PRODUCT BARCODE to verify MATCH
  • Immediately before checkout, verify all offers still valid.
  • Scan receipt immediately after purchase before leaving the store.

If you at least verify the offer is active while in store, you can always open a ticket to request the rebate.  The care team is sometimes slow to respond, but they tend to be very accommodating.

(I know that doesn't keep offers from getting pulled early, and it is frustrating when you are planning a shop in a day or two.)

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Re: Ibotta getting ony nerves

  • YES

Ibotta seems to be pulling offers early even more than previously and then when you check out and get home to scan it's gone.  I've noticed this on offers that have been a staple on Ibotta consistently for months.  The other Ibotta thing that seems to change and is getting on my nerves, is the support queue is taking longer to respond and if you have multiple tickets open on different orders they are merging the tickets, solving one issue and closing it out.   I had one ticket opened for two months now and they merged it with a newer ticket issue and then closed out the whole ticket.... Ibotta is changing seems it might be for the worse but as of now I still find it one of the better rebate apps.  


Re: Ibotta getting ony nerves

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I don't think any of the items you listed is new.

When Ibotta decides to end an offer, they can pull it at any time.  If you have previously selected the offer, be sure to check Your list.  It could still be there.

As for requests, I would recommend NOT having multiple ones open at the same time.  More than two years ago, I remember having issues where they combined all my tickets into one and then closed all the rest.  This has been going on for a LONG time.

If your request has been closed, you can go back and add a comment and it could re-open.  If it won't, you can open a new ticket based on the original one.