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Ibotta on my computer.

Deal Sharer

when I fi.rst started with Ibotta I could use my desktop .  then you took it away.  I would like to use desktop but do I have to download an extention on my browser.  

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Re: Ibotta on my computer.

Deal Expert

They have had a browser extension for a while now. It actually popped up on the app today if you want to do it


Re: Ibotta on my computer.

Deal Master

I hate using my phone.   I wish I could use my computer just like my phone.   

Kroger is not even available AFAIK, but I really just want to be able to search for offers and add them on a computer just like on phone.   It is easier for me to search ibotta along with all the other rebate sites and Kroger all at the same time to come up with the best deals.

 I could live without redeeming on a computer as that is not as important to me.


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Re: Ibotta on my computer.

Rewards Hunter

I really miss being able to search and load rebates using my computer.  It was much faster to browse and easier to find deals.  When I search on my phone you never know when you've finally seen all of the available deals for your store because they repeat them all in so many categories - it just goes on and on, unlike the old website.  Plus it was so much easier to read on the computer.  I realize I still need my phone to submit, and that's fine, but I use Ibotta 90% less than I used to since it's all on mobile phones (except for the browser extension for online shopping which I hardly use because Rakuten gives better discounts on most sites.)