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Ibotta says shrimp is not seafood!

Core Shopper

I have a .25 offer for ANY seafood, any size, any variety.  I bought a bag of frozen shrimp today, ibotta says Offer Does Not Match! Why are these little itty-bitty problem suddenly cropping up? I guess you can overlook it here and there, but if you're trying to reach a bonus or something it can get a little nervy (is that even a word?). 

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Re: Ibotta says shrimp is not seafood!

Deal Sharer

I see that quite often with the Any Freezer Meal offers, too. They just sometimes don't have the UPC programmed as a valid option. 

Re: Ibotta says shrimp is not seafood!

Super Saver


On 06/07/21 I redeemed same rebate at Walmart purchased bag of frozen shrimp. I have encountered issues with other products not being recognized in the other item category.  Even with the any item category you should still scan the bar code to verify if the product is linked to an any item rebate. 

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Re: Ibotta says shrimp is not seafood!

Core Shopper

If you scan the product against the offer in your gallery and it doesn't match, Ibotta has an option to submit a correction (may have to scan the item 2 or 3 times for it to pop up).  I have used that feature to request an item be added, and most often it works.  Sometimes it works right on the spot in store,  and sometimes I get a notification at a later date.  But I have been able to resubmit my receipt after the notification to get paid.

You might try that with your frozen shrimp to see if it works.  Good luck!  😊