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Rewards Hunter

How does this work I sent in my receipt now what

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Re: ibotta

Deal Sharer

The help within the app is very useful. I would suggest looking there. Basically you add products from the store you are going to shop at to your list. Buy the product at that store then scan your receipt. Sometimes it makes me scan the product bar codes and sometimes not. Then the receipt will process. Typically I see my earnings in a few minutes to hours but sometimes it may take a day or two. Be careful to make sure you meet the offer requirements. I have bought the wrong size or quantity before and then I am bummed. I am in the habit now of scanning the barcode to make sure I am getting the right thing. To do that you click into the product offer and there will be a button about half way down that says scan barcode. Once you get the hang of it you will find it easy and intuitive. Good luck!

Re: ibotta

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @Nunezt

Welcome to Ibotta! If you have questions our Help Center is also a great resource for answers to common questions and step by step instructions on how to earn cash back.

I hope this helps and you start earning some serious cash!😊