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How long has everyone been using Ibotta?

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Re: Ibotta

Super Saver

Nearly 2 years for me. What about you?

Re: Ibotta

Deal Ambassador

I had my 2nd Ibottaversary in November, but I've been in this forum/community for about a month.

Re: Ibotta

Deal Sharer

Originally joined several years ago but stopped using. Just started back up around the beginning of November of last year and I have no idea why I ever stopped LOL

Re: Ibotta

Deal Expert

2 & a quarter years

Re: Ibotta

Super Saver

4 months

Re: Ibotta

Rewards Hunter

Since August of 2016!

Re: Ibotta

Skilled Saver

Joined Ibotta late Oct 2020. Ibotta Community maybe a cple of months. This group has been invaluable in helping me make the most of what Ibotta has to offer. 

Re: Ibotta

Deal Ambassador

I joined in Nov 2020 and have saved a ALOT of money. My shelves at home are nice and stocked, freezer full, enough laundry detergent to last many months that I barely paid anything for. I do stay within a grocery budget every month so I try to stay focused on what we need co.bined with bonuses and be willing to try new brands so I am sure to save the most I can with an Ibotta offer. The freebies and money makers are just the cherry on top! This community has some fantastic people and we have a good time sharing ideas, playing games, trying not to get ***bleeped***. Plenty of laughter (we all need more laughter) and is also just an excellent resource to stay up on good deals you may not have noticed otherwise and to also share any of yours that you hauled in😀


Re: Ibotta

Deal Master

I downloaded the Ibotta app back in May of 2013, but never submitted a receipt until June, 2015.  I have saved a great deal of money since then.  I also use other money saving apps, but Ibotta is my favorite.