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Is anyone having issues loading receipts?

Rewards Hunter

Wondering if anyone is having the same problem I am. Most of my receipts will suddenly not load. I will select the store I shopped at, load the receipt, hit the finished button to submit - and then instead of registering any items that I bought, the screen will revert back to the main screen where you select the store you shopped at and freeze. I then have to close the app and reopen it and it doesn't register that I tried to submit a receipt at all.  I got a Whole Foods receipt to load correctly, but I'm getting nowhere with a Shaws and a CVS receipt that I have been trying to submit for a few days. Any thoughts?

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Re: Is anyone having issues loading receipts?

Rewards Hunter

Yes it happens all the time.  I think it is their way of not having to give credit for the items! Just like the any brand items it often won't accept them and says barcode not found.  I have been trying to submit one for review but after I take the picture it won't submit and asks me if I want to try again.  It just keeps going in circles and won't submit through.  Then they have the nerve to keep sending stuff about referring friends.  Why would I refer someone when it doesn't even work properly most of the time. 

Re: Is anyone having issues loading receipts?

Deal Master

@BeeBee @Carla   I uploaded a receipt from WalMart this morning.  It did seem to take a little longer for the scan to catch, but it went through and I was credited.  How is your internet connection?  Trying using your data (if you have a plan where it's free) and if you are afraid the offer will ghost (disappear) take a screen shot to have record of it. 


Re: Is anyone having issues loading receipts?

Shopping Enthusiast

If you are low on memory, it is possible that parts of Ibotta can't load.  

I have an Android phone with only 16 gig of memory.  If I download too many apps or store too many pictures, I run low on memory.  If I have lots of apps open in the background, everything runs slow.

Make sure you close out apps you are not currently using.  Clear out cache and remove apps you no longer use.

If this still doesn't help, you can clear data from the Ibotta app.  Be aware that you will have to log back into Ibotta, but you shouldn't loose anything.

Hope this helps.