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Is it me? What’s up with FA?


Am I the only one whose FA page has 1 audit in it?  Nothing to buy. Nothing to do. And not even any scavenger hunt items. It has been offering less lately (like everyone) but this is just crazy. 

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Re: Is it me? What’s up with FA?


Mines been busy with lots of audits and ratings/reviews, but I can’t ever seem to grab them anymore.  Feels like I’m suddenly competing against a lot more people.  Definitely been a slow start of 2023 for me!  

Re: Is it me? What’s up with FA?

Deal Sharer

Nope, same exact situation with me:(

Re: Is it me? What’s up with FA?

Deal Master

@SaverGirl67  I haven't had much luck with the Buy and Try or Rate and Review and I don't like to order something and then wait and have to review it later.  I did catch a few eye spy and 2 scavenger hunts this past week.  Audits have also dropped in value and the eye spy and rate and review are only available for a few days per week now.