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Is Publix dead on Ibotta?

Rewards Hunter

First the accounts unlinked and could no longer be linked. Now you can't even upload a receipt and Publix seems to have been removed from the app.

I bought things just for the ibotta coupons that I can no longer redeem because this happened without warning.

Is Publix no longer on Ibotta permanently?

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Re: Is Publix dead on Ibotta?

Deal Expert

This has happened to many people with different stores look for an app update uninstall and reinstall shut phone off on clear cookies cache or just wait for it to come back it can take a few hours/ a day.

Re: Is Publix dead on Ibotta?


I have Publix on mine, and it seems to be working. I would recommend the app uninstall/reinstall as well.


Re: Is Publix dead on Ibotta?

Shopping Enthusiast

My Ibotta seems to be working fine with Publix.

I tried linking Publix with Ibotta back when it was an option.  Unfortunately, it didn't work well.

As Publix customers know, the descriptions on the receipt are sometimes vague and there are no identifying numbers of any kind on the receipt.  Because of this, all Ibotta rebates from Publix require the UPC to be scanned.  The Ibotta app makes a guess of what you purchased, but many times, it doesn't find all the items and you have to add them to your submission.

Ibotta has been making a lot of updates lately.  You may have been caught in-between versions.  Resetting your phone could help.  You may want to uninstall and reinstall Ibotta.